Things to check before starting a blogging career

Blogging Career

Blogging career: most people before starting their career in blogging do not search and check out the capabilities to do blogging. Many of us just get some motivation for blogging from seeing advertisements of successful bloggers or after reading articles likewise “how I make 40000 dollars in the first 6 months of blogging”.

This looks simple and straight. But in reality, it requires a lot of work, a lot of research, and dedication. Same as other careers, blogging is not a hobby or a part-time job. Especially, if you want to make your career. Not just want to generate some dollars. So, I really want to say, if you are willing to start your career in blogging. Then, you must have to read this article and you have to check are you capable of making your career in blogging or not?

Consistency during the blogging Field

Consistency is the key point of a blogging career. Most people will trap in this step. Because blogging is not a bed of roses. It is the process that requires hard work, consistency, Effort, and time. So, ask yourself can you be a consistent blogger or not. Why I am saying it is the key point of blogging, because when you start a blog after the development of a blog or website or after writing unique and quality content. But still when you will not get the approval from AdSense or not get the traffic. At that time, you will feel it is time-wasting. It is useless and you are totally wasting your time. Exactly, it is time, you have to be Stubborn. Here you have to go with the plan. It is required. Because, blogging always pays you, when you put your time, effort, and knowledge to do it.

Choose your content

Before starting blogging, you must know what will be your content. Your content must have enough topics to write regularly and it should be really in demand or valuable. Because some of the time this content can be valuable to you but not to other people. So, before starting to step into blogging. You must have to make a list of niches and divide it into Micro topics. These topics should be enough to write a hundred articles in a year.

Generally, successful blogs have almost hundreds of articles and they are up to date to time. That is why I also want you to have one or two main categories to expand the content of your site. According to my experience, all the famous and big blogs write a minimum of 14 posts in a month and they never forget to update it with time. The word length of all these articles is always between 1500 to 2500.

So by this, You can get an idea about the best length of articles. The experience and knowledge level of these bloggers exactly meet the criteria of Google. That is why they are ranked by Google. Along with the last points. These are also important points to check. Like, decide what will be your niche? What will be your topic? And how can you make it Engaging? Or how you can expand it to give more and more value to your Users. How to fulfill the requirements of the traffic?

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Where do we need to invest in the blogging career

Domain and hosting

In a few places of blogging, we need to invest, so where do we need to invest, and how much that amount can be? The first place will be domain and hosting. In that case, I always suggest you use a trusted hosting company. And before selecting your domain name, please do some keyword research related to expected niches. Then select more than 3 keywords as the main keyword. Because not always get the required domain names. They are already taken. So that’s, you will have an option to search for another one. Take the available main keyword as your domain name for improving your SEO and ranking higher and higher in the Google search results for the main keyword.

Website development

The second place will be the development process. Here you can hire any freelancer to make your website on your favorite platform. My favorite platform is WordPress. Because it is used worldwide and they always update it and it is easy to use. The great thing about WordPress is, we have many options to use in the form of pluggings. That we can install to improve our blog or website performance and layout. We can get fast approval from Google AdSense on WordPress websites. It is also an attractive point of WordPress.

Content writer

The third thing to invest Is if you are not a good writer and don’t know how to write the best article for the blog and how to start, where to start, how to complete it, and how to position the keywords in the article. Then, I really suggest you, hire any good content writer to generate perfect and good content. Because the content is the key to success in blogging. The users do not come to see your blog to check how it looks.

They come here just for the content. If the content is not unique, and not grammatically good and readable. Then how would you Improve the engaging rate and low the Bounce rate of your blog and make a successful career in blogging? So it is the main point, where you need an expert content writer to complete your blog requirements.

SEO expert

The Fourth point is SEO. Seo consists of different parts. Like, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO. A good content writer always covered the on-page SEO. Because they know how to position the keywords, how to write the SEO optimized title, how to write a description, how to optimize the images, and how to internally link the pages and posts of different categories. But for the On-page SEO and Technical SEO, you can hire an SEO expert if you don’t know how to do that.

Guest posting

The fifth point is guest posting. If we check then we realize we need to invest in many places. Such as, you will have to do guest posting to rank your pages and post higher on search engines. You will need a freelancer to post your articles on other different websites. Many online freelancers are Giving this service. For guest blogging, you will have to pay for freelancers and website owners.

In the guest posting, I want to give my opinion. Always choose that website which domain authority, traffic volume is high. The content and images of the website should be similar to your website and always ask for the do-follow backlink with an alter tag option.

Social media manager

If you know how to do some things. It will be better. Here are also other things, where you need to pay money except for the above aspects. There are also many aspects where you will require help from a social media manager. More in the case of when you are doing the blogging for generating the leads and for selling the product. Then maybe you will need to do advertisements on social media and on Google or in other places, where you want to advertise. It can be another place where you can invest. Though, it is a very important point. If you want to make your presence on social media or if you don’t know how to manage and set the social media accounts according to the need of the business. Then might have you need a social media manager to handle your social presence and promote your brand to a huge public or for the awareness of your brand to a targeted audience.

Will to learn

If you have no interest to learn. So according to the experts, you are not able to do blogging. Because you can hire writers, content creators to create the content for you. But still, you need to learn more and more about your niche and how to execute the plans. People always want up-to-date, new, unique, and value-giving content. Therefore, you must have a will to learn more and more and explore all the things. Like, what is new is coming and what is not working. what is near to come? and what is going? how to do it? You must have the passion to handle all the things.

Time in blogging career

Time is important not just in business, but also in real life, it is also very necessary in blogging. Blogging is also time taking and it won’t be a hobby or side job. Whether you have a brand or a business, but you are gonna start a blog and you hire many people to handle it. But still, you will need to give your time. It might be one or two hours because you will have to check. What actually your users are looking for? and what is new? and what can be more creative, more unique, and more engaging?

You must have time to expand your business from one level to another. You know that this whole process is time-consuming. So, you must have to pay one or two hours from your daily life to your blog. When you Research and check about your business you will see many competitors in your field. So if you want to compete with them. You should have higher confidence and creativity.


Creativity is the thing that can make you a millionaire. Whether one thing is already present and from a long time and when you are new in the same field. How will you be the first priority for many people? especially in the same field. So your creativeness, uniqueness, will distinguish your product and your blog from the other bloggers and businessmen.

Creativity always comes when you think about more of your ideas and spend some time. Before creating the content and setting the plans for the project or whenever you sit for writing an article. Then, I will endorse you to do some research and check these points. What are the things you can provide better than your competitors?


In online earning, there are no time predictions ever done for success. But whenever you come in the field then by your efforts and your given time you can get hints. After going through the whole process you will start to make some money but before reaching this point usually, 70% of people Lose hope and quit on it. Actually, it is normal because it is human behavior. But if you want to be successful and then you have to wait some years. If we can spend 12 years studying in higher schools and colleges for making and living a good life. Then why are we not waiting one or two years to establish an online career?


These all things depend on your mindset. Which I want to set. When you decide to come into blogging, you must have some patience. You must have the determination to go through the whole process and never quit on this because it will work and it pays back. But consistency and determination are necessary.

Here we are having all the important points, which I was want to clear and I wanted to share and I wanted to tell you before starting your career in blogging. Many people think it is very easy and we started it today and in the next month or in next week we will start to make a hundred Dollars.
Indeed it is not a joke it requires smart and hard work and effort along with the creativity and momentum to push you forward.

If I miss some important points which should be considered in this post. So, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments because sharing is really caring and I always post unique, different, and valuable content on this blog. So keep visiting and sign up for an email newsletter which we send weekly.

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