Top 45 frequently asked questions by Fiverr seller

Top 45 frequently asked questions by Fiverr seller
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In this article, we are covered frequently asked questions by Fiverr sellers. We tried to cover almost all important questions but if you find anyone missed then you can ask in our forum or in the comment section below.

1-How to make a Fiverr gig?

Open Fiverr freelance site, creates an account by default it is a buyer account. Switch to the seller account and click on create a new gig. If you want to learn more then check how to create a gig on Fiverr.

2-How to rank Fiverr gig?

The ranking of the gig on Fiverr entirely depends upon the creation of the Fiverr gig. Please read these posts to learn more details.

How to create a gig on Fiverr

How to do the Fiverr keyword research

3-What are low competition gigs on Fiverr?

Fiverr is a famous and active freelancing platform. Fiverr mostly adds the new categories and services that are less in number. Check this list of low-competition gigs on Fiverr.

4-What are the Fiverr services without any skills?

Many services are available on Fiverr to offer without any skill. Check out this list to know them in detail.

5-Where Fiverr is located?

Fiverr company is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has 7 offices in five different counties.

6-How Fiverr make money?

Fiverr makes money in many ways but earning from the freelancing platform is by taking 20% commission on each order and also by the paid promotion of the gigs. Fiverr is also charged the processing fee to buyers. Which is different according to the size of the budget.

7-How Fiverr pays you?

Fiverr supports many different payment methods to pay sellers which vary for each country. So visit the Fiverr support page to know more. But the most popular methods are PayPal, Payoneer, Fiverr revenue card, and bank transfer.

8-Why my Fiverr account disabled?

The answer is simple whenever Fiverr seems you are doing violations of Fiverr terms and conditions they disable your account. Usually in the email which you have received from Fiverr mentions the cause for the disabling of your account. If you seem your account is disabled accidentally you can contact Fiverr.

9-How to get back Fiverr account?

Getting a back Fiverr account is very rare. If your Fiverr account is disabled you can contact the Fiverr team, but it is truly rare to help you to get back to Fiverr accounts.

10-Is okay to do contact Fiverr clients outside of Fiverr?

For beginners, it is not recommended but if the buyer is a trustworthy person then you can go for it but only at your own risk.

11-How to get first order?

It is a super common question and answers are given in this article which definitely will help you to get your first order.

12-How to do the keyword research on Fiverr?

Keywords are very important to rank on Fiverr but we should know how to search for particular niche-related keywords and how to utilize them. To Learn the Fiverr keyword research in-depth check this article.

13-What are the best extensions for Fiverr?

Many extensions are present in the community but these three extensions are found really helpful.

  • “Fivlytics – Fiverr Seller Assistant” this Fiverr extension is very amazing that gives alerts on each Fiverr notification and message and it also shows the buyer’s accounts details on the buyer’s requests. By getting the buyer account details you can directly message them and can enhance the chances to get more and more orders.
  • Easy Auto Refresh, this extension is used to refresh your page automatically. Set this extension on your buyer’s request page to get the latest buyer’s requests.
  • Grammarly, if you want help during writing the messages fastly and grammatically correctly then this extension is made for you.

14-What is Fiverr pro?

Fiverr Pro is the advanced level marketplace for highly expert sellers to sell services. If you have done extraordinary projects or you are the best in specific skills, you can apply for the Fiverr Pro.

15-Is it good to pass the Fiverr test?

Yes, the passing of the Fiverr test is very good. It increases the credibility of your gig which can help you to get more orders.

17-Why Fiverr is bad or good?

The good things about Fiverr are it is totally free secure and legit while the cons are it is tough for Beginners to get orders, difficult to Make Constant Money, and irritating negative feedback.

18-How to use Fiverr offer effectively?

Use the offers very carefully, always try to offer on those buyers’ requests which you found are best to do it.

19-How to respond to buyer request to get the order?

Read the buyer’s requests carefully to understand the task, then try to write a well-written offer that should cover full details of the task, for example, first answer all the questions of buyers then talk about the time period accordingly of steps which are required for completing the task.

12-How to deal with clients on Fiverr?

Dealing with clients is not tough only Communication skills, patience while answering the questions, and some prior knowledge of marketing is very important to deal with clients.

21-How Fiverr affiliate works

Like all the other affiliated programs Fiverr is also supported affiliate programs for Fiverr freelancing, Fiverr Business, Fiverr Pro, Learn from Fiverr, and for CO. Whoever joins and buys any Fiverr product by using your affiliate link then you will get your commission directly to your account. The commission rate for different platforms are vary if you want to know more then go to the Fiverr platform.

22-Fiverr courses are worthy?

Yes, Fiverr courses are worthy to join because these are courses are made by experts. But it is not necessarily to join.

23-Fiverr logo tool is good?

It is good for practice or personal uses but if you want to use it for your brand then it is not good to use due to the Fiverr trademark, high charges, and limited designs.

24-Which is better Upwork or Fiverr?

Both freelancing platforms are good in their own ways. If you are at an expert level and want to generate high revenue then Upwork is recommended while Fiverr is pretty good for beginners. Especially for those who have nothing to invest in.

25-Which better Fiverr or freelancer?

In my experience Fiverr is better than freelancer. You can get more projects on Fiverr as compared to freelancers while the spam rate and low-quality rate of projects on freelancer are higher than Fiverr.

26-Who are Fiverr competitors?

Upwork, freelancer, guru, people per hour, Toptal, codeable, outsourcely , truelancer all these freelancing platforms are the competitor of Fiverr.

27-How to change the username on Fiverr?

Fiverr users can’t change their username but can change their profile account name still, if you want to change then you have to create a new account.

28-What sells the most on Fiverr? 29- Which skills are in demand on Fiverr? 30- What is the highest paying gig on Fiverr?

Web Development, graphic designing, app development, WordPress development, Seo-related work, Marketing, Video animation, content writing, and editing & creation of videos images are the most demanded and highest paying services on Fiverr.

Check out this post too:

List of demanded services on Fiverr.

31-Which categories are included in Fiverr pro?

Below given all categories are supported in Fiverr pro:

  • Graphic and Design
  • Programming and Tech
  • Writing and Translation
  • Video and Animation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Music and Audio

32-How do you become a Level 1 seller on Fiverr?

To reach level 1 seller these given requirements should be met.

  • Should have to active at least for 60 days
  • 10 orders should be completed with a 4.7 rate for 60 days
  • Minimum revenue should be 400$
  • The score should be 90% for response to client, order completion rate, and for on-time-delivery over 60 days.
  • The warning rate should be zero at least for 30 days.

33-Is Fiverr good for beginners?

Yes, it is good for beginners. It is free, very easy to use, and trustable. Generally, all beginner Fiverr sellers start to generate money in 2 months. Always it is a good option for beginner freelancers.

34-How much does the average person make on Fiverr?

97% of sellers on Fiverr make up to 500$ per month while 2% of sellers make up to 100$ for a month but 1% of sellers create up to 2000$ in revenue in a month.

35-How many gigs can I make on Fiverr? 36 How do I get more than 7 gigs on Fiverr?

Fiverr Sellers can create up to 7 gigs. While if you want to create more than 7 gigs then you have to reach level 1 seller.

37-How much do you need to earn to be a Level 2 seller on Fiverr?

You will need to earn up to 2000$ or more with the gig active rate of 120 days to reach a level 2 seller.

39-Is selling on Fiverr worth it?

Obviously, selling on Fiverr is legit and real. It is a good chance to generate some extra money.

40-How many gigs can a Level 2 seller have on Fiverr?

Level 2 sellers on Fiverr can create gigs up to 20.

41-Is Fiverr safe?

Yes, Fiverr is safe and easy for buying and selling. Feel free to use it for both purposes.

42-How to create an effective gig on Fiverr

It is a very good question because your whole career on Fiverr is based on a good gig. Click on the given link to learn how to create an effective gig.

learn how to create an effective gig

43- What is the gig?

The gig is like a shop on Fiverr which will represent your services to buyers. An effective gig consists of the title of service, description, search tags, gallery, service packages, frequently asked questions, requirements to start work on the task, etc.

44-How to edit gig on Fiverr?

In the Fiverr seller account, click on the gigs section in the navbar. Here your all gigs list will be shown click on the right-side button which is present for all gigs specifically. Now click on it, a dropdown menu will be open here click on the edit option to edit your gig.

45- What is the gig title and description for a Fiverr gig?

The gig Title is the headline that gives the overview of your services and it is also a URL of your gig while the description is used to give the full detail about your service.

So here is the end of the frequently asked question by the Fiverr seller list. We hope that you found it useful if yes then don’t forget to give your review in the comment section below.

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