Top Tips to follow for each beginner programmer

Top Tips to follow for each beginner programmer

Are you a beginner programmer and just near to starting your career in coding? To all beginner programmer, This article is very important to read. Do you know? Among all other careers programming is a very good field and it becomes easier and more successful if we start-up in a good way. Trust me, I wish to talk about these tips to all beginner programmers because these tips are easy but very worthy.

Now let’s start to discuss the list of all important tips which shortlisted from my 8 years experience.

Learn Touch Typing

Tying is that thing which anybody can easily do but some types of typing such as fast typing always come when we learn it. All beginner programmers should have to learn touch typing because it will help you to save a lot of time. Touch typing we can all learn with the help of an online coach or from your favorite platform. A programmer’s typing speed should be 72 words per minute. So do regular practice to save your time. Fast and good Typing speed also matters for getting the job from the agencies.

One time one language/skill

Usually, 90% of people start to learn more than one language or skill simultaneously. Which is strictly prohibited. Select one language or skill after checking its market value then learn and do a great practice and get specialization in that. Now go to another language or skill if you want to learn more. As one language at one time is necessary, the use of one language book is also important to learn for the same language instead of many books. When you understand one book completely, now you can move to the second one to improve your language knowledge. But never use many books for the same language at the same time because it can give you the hassle to learn to code.

Join freelancing sites

As you complete one skill then immediately join any freelance platforms to take a start-up in your field. This step will help you to do a lot of practice, making money, and will give a great boost to your professional version.Also by joining the freelancing site you will also know that what the people are looking for and what are programming languages on Trend. by knowing these factors you can be able to practice more of the demanding skills that ultimately will also make you able to get a dream job in the big agencies.

Join discussion sites

Many online discussion platforms are available which each new beginner should have to join. On these platforms, all programmers ask for debugging or for any type of question which programmers can ask for. By becoming active members of these sites you will be able to learn many valuable things like if you will face the same bug you can easily debug it. You will be aware of where is trend going and so on.

Saving of code

Many beginner programmers doesn’t know the value of saving of code of projects and different elements such as menus, sliders, and forms, etc. If you are also a beginner programmer then you also have no idea the importance of code collection but let me give an example. When we programmers reach a specific level then mostly we enable to use shortcuts and required similar code again and again. What if we had no collection of such codes if we had then we can save a lot of time. Start to save your code by giving proper file and folders name and uploading it on google drive and on GitHub platforms for free to use in the future.

low-value job

Many of us when we are college students start to do some low-value jobs to make some money to complete personal needs. Hey, my dear fellows strictly avoid doing such low-value jobs. These jobs just suck your all peace, destroy your routine, and in turn, give you some bucks. Instead of doing such jobs, give some extra time to your study to faster your learning process or do some other high-value giving jobs (but if necessary).

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learn important things

In programming when we intake we try to learn all things but sometimes it is not important to remember all things such as the bootstrap like frameworks. Always learn these things which actually needs to learn because the rest of the things you will be learned with time.

Use of shortcut

During the learning of language or practice don’t use shortcuts. No doubt, sometimes we need to use shortcuts. But only when we are able to differentiate or we are much enough to use or do it or not.

I am late to start coding

It is a very common question and sometimes a severe headache for a beginner programmer. Therefore they always look is it a perfect age to start coding because they think it is late. But it is not late, Yes, whenever you want to start coding It will be the perfect time to start. It doesn’t matter if you start to learn coding in school, college, or after graduation. Even you can learn it after spending 30 years of your life. If you have a passion and grit or are keen to learn to code so all time is the perfect time to learn. I also started coding at the age of 21. I was also worried that all the peoples are near to graduating in coding while I am starting now, but after some years I know it was a perfect time.

What is the best language to learn

What is the best language to learn? Have you ever asked this question from the seniors? You asked it because everyone ask about it. Indeed there is no best language to learn but if you still want to know the answer for that so many peoples always give you different answers for the same question. But the, if you ask me so my answer is a first-number coding language is JavaScript. It is the best language because it is can be used on the front-end on the backends and easy to use. Aside from JavaScript, phyton is the second-best programming language. Actually, in that language, you are perfect and you are enjoying, it will be the best language for you.

Operating system

Every time some beginner programmers get confused choosing the Operating system to start coding. Even some programmers stucks at this place very badly by assuming that a good operating system is very necessary. Otherwise, They cannot be great programmers. They take this thing over-seriously and quit on the programming by the fact that they can’t afford a good and expensive operating system. Seriously, don’t do this mistake. I know a good operating system is very very necessary for the programmers but if you are a beginner and your budget is very tight. Then you can go with the window and Visual Studio code editor and start to learn to program. And when you reach a particular level you can move from the window to Linux because it is far better than the window. In Linux, with the use of dependencies, you can easily find out the errors. That is why it is very recommended for all programmers but in case you have a tight budget you can do compromise. Moreover, Just you need to focus on learning programming by using a good software editor.

Syntax in coding

Syntax in programming is very necessary but beginners ignore it like a bee from a cup of tea. You know that you would have to create a Portfolio to send to clients, agencies, and companies before hiring you. Do you think they will not check your code quality or formatting? In short, Formatting of code is very very important, start it from the beginning and used to it.
I have an example of my friend, he has very good knowledge for building logics while the formatting of coding was very poor. Because he did not give much focus on the syntax during coding. But by his luck, he got an opportunity from a highly reputed company. His interview was successful but when the time is come to check his code quality, he had to face rejection because he was not good to write beautiful code. By this example, you can get an idea of the importance of formatting. If you don’t want to suffer from the same situation. Then never do this type of mistake.

It was the list of all important but very basic programming tips which I must say very important to follow. If you also have any important points for beginner programmer or you think must be included in the list. Then do comment below we will happy to add them to the list.

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