Top Tips to follow for each beginner programmer
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Top Tips to follow for each beginner programmer


Are you a beginner programmer and just near to start your career in coding? To all beginner programmers, This article is very important to read. Do you know? Among all other careers programming is a very good field and it becomes easier and more successful if we start up in a good way. Trust me, I wish to talk about these tips to all beginner programmers because these tips are easy but very worthy.

Now let’s start to discuss the list of all important tips which shortlisted from my 8 years experience.

Learn Touch Typing

Tying is that thing which anybody can easily do but some types of typing such as fast typing always come when we learn it. All beginner programmer should have to learn tough typing because it will help you to save a lot of time. Touch typing we can all learn with the help of an online coach or from your favorite platform. A programmer’s typing speed should be 72 words per minute. So do regular practice to save your time.

One time one language/skill

Usually, 90% of people start to learn more than one language or skill simultaneously. Which is strictly prohibited. Select one language or skill after checking its market value then learn and do a great practice and get specialization in that. Now go to another language or skill if you want to learn more.

Join freelancing sites

As you complete one skill then immediately join any freelance platforms to take a start-up in your field. This step will help you to do a lot of practice, making money, and will give a great boost to your professional version.

Join discussion sites

Many online discussion platforms are available which each new beginner should have to join. On these platforms, all programmers ask for debugging or for any type of question which programmers can ask for. By becoming active members of these sites you will be able to learn many valuable things like if you will face the same bug you can easily debug it. You will be aware of where is trend going and so on.

Saving of code

Many beginner programmer doesn’t know the value of saving of code of projects and different elements such as menus, sliders, and forms, etc. If you are also a beginner then you also have no idea the importance of code collection but let me give an example. When we programmers reach a specific point then mostly we enable to use shortcuts and required similar code again and again. What if we had no collection of such codes if we had then we can save a lot of time. Start to save your code by giving proper file and folders name and upload it on google drive and on GitHub platforms for free to use in future

low-value job

Many of us when we are college students start to do some low-value jobs to make some money to completing personal needs. Hey, my dear fellows strictly avoid doing such low-value jobs. These jobs just suck your all peace, destroy your routine, and in turn, give you some bucks. Instead of doing such jobs, give some extra time to your study to faster your learning process or do some other high-value giving jobs (but if necessary).

learn important things

In programming when we intake we try to learn all things but sometimes it is not important to remember all things such as the bootstrap like frameworks. Always learn these things which actually needs to learn because the rest of the things you will be learned with time.

Use of shortcut

During the learning of language or practice don’t use doubt, sometimes we need to use shortcuts. But only when we are able to differentiate or we are much enough to use or do it or not.

It was the list of all important but very basic tips which I must say very important to follow. If you also have any important point you think that must be included in the list then do comment below we will happy to add to the list.

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