Twitter Unveils New X Logo in Latest Android App Rebranding Move

Image of twitter new logo

Twitter’s Android app underwent a significant update today, marking another milestone in its ongoing rebranding journey as the social media giant replaced its iconic bird logo with the new X logo. This strategic move is part of Twitter’s broader efforts to reinvent its image and diversify its offerings.

Accompanying the logo change, Twitter also revamped its app listing on the Google Play Store, showcasing screenshots of the app with black backgrounds and the X logo. The company made sure to remove any traces of the old Twitter branding from these visuals, emphasizing its commitment to the new identity.

The app’s description on the Play Store highlights the X app’s role as a “trusted digital town square for everyone.” In addition, Twitter made an interesting mention in the app details, stating that users can now upload and watch videos up to 3 hours long. However, it’s worth noting that the Twitter Blue support page indicates that subscribers are limited to uploading videos up to 2 hours long. This discrepancy could potentially be an oversight or a forthcoming update.

While the primary Twitter app received a rebrand, Twitter Lite, designed for low-bandwidth and limited-storage environments, has retained its original Twitter branding. This is understandable as Twitter Lite’s last update dates back to May 2021, and the company might prioritize feature enhancements over rebranding for this specific app.

Earlier this week, Twitter took a significant step in its rebranding efforts by changing its official handle from @twitter to @X, along with modifying other associated handles to shed the “Twitter” name. However, this transition was not without controversy. Gene X Hwang, the owner of the original @X handle, expressed surprise as the company claimed the handle without warning or compensation. In response to the situation, Twitter offered Hwang a tour of X’s headquarters and some X merchandise as a gesture of appreciation.

Twitter’s rebranding is part of its broader vision to redefine itself and expand its horizons beyond the traditional microblogging platform. By embracing the X identity, the company aims to signal a shift toward becoming a multifaceted digital space that caters to various forms of content and interactions.

As Twitter continues its evolution into X, it remains to be seen how users will respond to the changes and whether the new branding will help the company stand out in the ever-competitive social media landscape.

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