Unlocking Starfield Early: A Game Pass Trick You Might Not Know About

Unlocking Starfield Early Trick

For gamers eagerly anticipating the release of Bethesda’s highly anticipated title, Starfield, the prospect of venturing into the far reaches of space a full five days ahead of the official launch date is nothing short of thrilling. While you may think this opportunity comes at an extra cost, there’s a clever and relatively little-known ‘trick’ that you can employ with Xbox or PC Game Pass to gain this early access privilege.

It’s not an elaborate scheme, nor is it a hidden secret, but it’s a maneuver that hasn’t garnered much attention. In essence, it’s an easy way to unlock those five extra days of cosmic exploration, provided you’re willing to spend a bit of cash.

The Premium Edition Upgrade: Your Ticket to Early Access

With Xbox and PC Game Pass, Starfield will be accessible for subscribers from the day of its official release, which is set for September 6th. This means that, as a Game Pass member, you’ll have the opportunity to dive headfirst into the expansive and virtually boundless Starfield universe, boasting a jaw-dropping 1000 planets for you to discover and conquer.

Here’s where the magic happens: for a reasonable sum of £34.99 or $34.99, you can secure access to Starfield a whopping five days before its official launch. The key to this early entry lies in the free version of Starfield available on Game Pass.

If you navigate to the Starfield listings on the Xbox store, whether you’re using a console or a PC, you’ll notice a tantalizing option known as the “Premium Edition Upgrade.” This is the golden ticket to unlocking early access to the game. When you purchase this upgrade, you’ll gain access to all the premium content featured in the Premium Edition, which includes:

  1. Old Mars Skin Pack: Customize your in-game experience with unique skins.
  2. Shattered Space Story Expansion: Delve deeper into Starfield’s narrative with this exciting expansion.
  3. Constellation Skin Pack: More skins to make your character and ships stand out.
  4. Digital Artbook and Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the world of Starfield with this digital artbook and soundtrack.
  5. FIVE DAYS EARLY ACCESS: The crown jewel of this package, you’ll be among the first to explore Starfield’s vast cosmos.

It is officially confirmed that by acquiring the Premium Edition Upgrade and pairing it with the free version available on Xbox and PC Game Pass, you’ll not only gain access to the game ahead of the crowd but also secure all the delightful additional content that comes with it.

So, for those eager to embark on their interstellar journey sooner rather than later, this Game Pass strategy offers a fantastic opportunity to blast off into the Starfield universe ahead of the official launch date, all while enjoying a trove of bonus content to enhance your cosmic adventures. Happy exploring!

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