Unveiling the OpenUSD Alliance: A Collaborative Frontier for 3D Content Pioneers

Unveiling the OpenUSD Alliance A Collaborative Frontier for 3D Content Pioneers

A symphony of tech titans is set to redefine the landscape of 3D content creation and exchange. As the digital realm continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, the convergence of minds from industry juggernauts such as Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Nvidia, and Pixar has given birth to the OpenUSD Alliance (AOUSD). This alliance stands poised to harness the power of Universal Scene Description (USD) technology, an open source standard birthed in the creative crucible of Pixar studios.

USD, a pioneering concept that traverses the realms of animated cinema, augmented reality, and digital twins, serves as the common thread that binds this consortium of giants. Developed by Pixar engineers and first employed in the cinematic masterpiece “Finding Dory” in 2016, USD transcended the silver screen to embrace an open source paradigm, unleashing its potential to revolutionize content creation across diverse industries.

Uniting under the AOUSD banner, the formidable forces of Pixar, Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, and Nvidia are set to author the next chapter in the saga of 3D content evolution. At the heart of this endeavor lies the commitment to elevate USD technology to unprecedented heights. Within the collaborative chambers of the Joint Development Foundation, nestled under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, these luminaries will craft meticulous specifications that map out the intricate functionalities of OpenUSD.

This harmonious coalition endeavors to breathe life into compatibility, bolster integration, and accelerate the universal adoption of OpenUSD. By converging the diverse tools and platforms employed by content creators, the AOUSD aims to catapult the standard into the forefront of creative orchestration, amplifying its resonance beyond the realms of mere animation and visual effects.

Steve May, Chief Technology Officer at Pixar, echoes this transformative sentiment: “OpenUSD is based on years of research and application in filmmaking at Pixar. We opened the project in 2016, and OpenUSD’s influence now extends beyond film, visual effects and animation and into other industries that increasingly depend on 3D data for media exchange. With the announcement of AOUSD, we begin an exciting new phase: the continued evolution of OpenUSD as a technology and its positioning as an international standard.”

Guido Quaroni, Director of Engineering, 3D&I at Adobe, amplifies the symphony of voices: “We believe in providing artists with a flexible and powerful set of solutions that work on a variety of devices. Leveraging a common representation of 3D data during the creative process multiplies the value delivered by each software and device. OpenUSD was created to be one of those ‘multipliers’ and we are thrilled to see a diverse group of companies coming together to support this innovative and open technology.”

Autodesk’s Gordon Bradley, Fellow, Media & Entertainment, underscores the collaborative spirit: “Whether you’re building CGI worlds or digital twins, or considering the 3D web, content creators need a cohesive way to collaborate and share data across tools, services and platforms.”

The dawn of the OpenUSD Alliance marks not only a technological endeavor but a creative movement that promises to shape the future of 3D content creation. With each keystroke and code line, these pioneers are forging a path towards a more interconnected, innovative, and harmonious digital universe, where creative expressions flow seamlessly across boundaries, platforms, and disciplines. As AOUSD takes its first strides, the world watches in anticipation, ready to embrace the next era of 3D content evolution.

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