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Weather checker project in javascript with free source code

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Please scroll down and click on the download button to download multiple countries supporting Weather checker In JavaScript with source code for free of charge.

Intro of javascript Weather checker project 

This is an advanced Weather checker project built using HTML, CSS, Javascript API with the support of some frameworks like jQuery, bootstrap. This Weather checker can give the present weather state of multiple countries. This Weather checker utilizes a free open-source API to perform this function. The logic is very simple with the minimum lines of code possible, So it is easy to understand for beginner developers. This Javascript Weather checker gives exact weather statements very accurately and the latest. Its design is very simple. In short, this is a perfect project for students to do exercises for javascript projects. Especially if they want to understand the logic to build different projects with help of javascript and Apis.

How to execute the weather updater project without any problem?

After downloading this file, extract the zip file, open the folder and click on the index file which will open at your default browser. If you face any issue to run it. Firstly we suggest you use the latest versions of browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, etc. If still facing issues then check for other solutions. Remember, to use this project just for educational purposes. For more license details you can check the readme file in the downloaded folder.

Functionality of Weather checker project

Open the index file to use the Weather checker. By using this Weather checker the user can get its specific country weather just given by country name. If API found wanted country data then it will display in a card form with the parameters, present weather, mini value to max value, smoke, pressure, and humidity value. The list of supported countries is large but if you do not give users the exact country or city name then it will show you an error message.

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