Website selling: How do I make $80k in a year by?
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Website selling: How do I make $80k in a year by?

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Do you want to know? How do I make 80 thousand dollars in a year without any knowledge just by website selling?
Many of the time you might have heard from your friends or colleagues that we have generated a handsome amount of money by selling and buying websites. ad whenever you ask how? they replied. simply by website selling. Therefore most people among you don’t know how this process starts and works and how much can be profitable and time taking it is.

Don’t worry, today here I am going to tell you the full procedure of website selling along with my experience and research which I did while writing this article. Like all businesses this business also has some pros and cons of which we will also take a look at.

My journey:

Hey, I am Maryam Shah. I am a blogger And now an entrepreneur too. I was a flop blogger. 3 years ago I had a site which niche was general. At that time, I had no experience of how to get traffic or how to promote blogs, etc. Therefore, sometimes I did work on it and sometimes not. The income generated from my site was $30 per month.

One day I saw an ad for a buy and selling website then, I decided to sell my website. I login into flipa and posted my site for sale for 1500$. After 12 hours I get the first big that was just for 1200$. I ignored it and started to wait for more bids. Then just in 3 days, I got 23 bids and the highest one was the 4400$.

So I sold my website for 4400$ whereas I was shocked because it was unexpected for me. But I found this work interesting and smart so . I started my career in it and in the first year, I made $80k by using the same strategy.

I know after reading about my journey you are more curious to know so let’s dive into the process of making money.

Procedure for website selling:

First of all, This business is really good for all the people who want to make extra money by investing online But don’t know where or how to start. But by doing this business you can make your online money making dreams come true.

Selling websites: This is a kind of online business in which we can sell or buy any type of website.

Types of websites: In the Website selling business, usually these types of websites get more bids and are easy to sell such as eCommerce stores and content sharing websites, or auto pilates websites.

In Website selling work we need to invest a few points:
Domain and hosting: Top-level domain and good hosting are very essential for a website. always buy those domain extensions which are most popular such as .com, .net, etc while selecting hosting plans accordingly to your website requirements.

Website creation: development and designing of websites is the main thing where actually we need to invest. The procedure of creating a website has different types that entirely depend upon which type of website do you want to create. E-commerce stores and content sharing websites we can easily make using different website builders like WordPress and Wix etc. While for the tools sites we need to go for custom websites. For both methods, we can hire web developers from different freelancing sites.

Content: After the creation of the website, the next step is the production of value-giving content. Which definitely we decided before making the website. Usually, all types of websites have content in written form. But content-sharing blogs and e-commerce stores always need more articles. Which we can write by own otherwise we can hire content writers for this purpose.

Ranking: Ranking of websites on different search engines is possible by doing SEO. If you don’t know how to do SEO then we hire an SEO expert.

Selling website: After the all above steps, the last step has come which is the selling of the website. Means the time to enjoy the result. The selling price of websites is decided by website worth or from monthly revenue if your site is made 100$ per month and 1200$ annually then your site estimate price will be 3500$.

Profit rate: In website buy and sell you can sell your website for the double or triple price of the actual amount of your site.

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