What Is Gig in Fiverr And How to Create Gig on Fiverr?

What is a Gig in Fiverr And How to create Gig on Fiverr

This article will assist you to understand what is gig in Fiverr and how to create a gig on Fiverr.

What Is Gig in Fiverr

A gig in Fiverr is like a shop, which demonstrates the service that you are offering on Fiverr. By Creating a good gig you can easily describe your skills and provide buyers with all the necessary information that they help to decide whether to work with you or not. Same as the other things, the first impression of the gig on Fiverr is also everything. Therefore the gig should be highly optimized and well described to get clients.

How to Create a Gig on Fiverr

We all know about the importance of a good gig. So let’s start to create a professional and impressive gig on Fiverr step-by-step. First create a Fiverr seller account then you can create a Gig on Fiverr to start selling your services.

After creating/login into Fiverr selling account, click on the gigs tab. Then click on create a new gig.

create a gig on fiverr

Step overview

You will redirect to a new page of the overview.

1-Gig title, In the gig title field, gives a title to your service in 50 characters. For Example, “I will teach you how to create a gig on Fiverr”

a- Gig title is the first thing that buyers check during searching for different services. So make it short and clear to the point, and use focused and main keywords at the start of the title to rank in the top position. Therefore before creating a gig you must know, what will be your main keyword. If you don’t know how to search and select the main keywords. Then check this article, which entirely consists of how to do the keyword search for a Fiverr gig.

Title step during creating a gig on fiverr

b- You can write a title of 80 characters but a long title is not recommended because it will cut off on the gig card.

2- Gig main and subcategory, Use the appropriate categories for your gig. For example, if you are giving the services of WordPress website customization then select WordPress as the main category while customization is a subcategory.

a-This category is helpful to rank on Fiverr. If you don’t know which category is related to your service then search on Fiverr for gigs that are also giving the same service. Open a similar gig and here, before the title of gigs you will see the categories as breadcrumbs.

gig category

3- Search-Type, In search-type, choose a service that is related to your category.

a-This search-type feature shows just for some services. It also helps to rank your gig in relevant categories.

4- Gig Metadata, we recommend choosing it wisely because it helps buyers to find you and helps Fiverr to send you buyers requests related to your service. If you do any mistake while choosing the meta tags such as irrelevant tags. Then you will have to face a problem with receiving relevant buyer’s requests that ultimately will affect your sales.

a- This feature is available just for specific services. If you have not found it, then no need to worry about it.

Selection of category for creating a gig on fiverr

5- Search tag, Add here the tags which you use in the title and some other synonyms linked to the service tag. Use mini 3 to 4 keywords. Sometimes when we save search tags, we face an error for Limited words. If you would face this problem then remove the tags and go to the next step but after some time reopen the tab and add more search tags. This time when you click on save it will be saved. For checking the search tags example check the second image.

Click on save.

Step Scope and Pricing of Creating Gig on Fiverr

  1. Package, In the package name area, Give a short name to your service package.
  2. Here tell about the package detail are you offering. This area should cover all essential points in minimum words. At this point, you can make your gig different and unique from other gigs. This area will also decide how many orders you can get. Because most of the clients left the gigs just after checking the packages. If they found your package according to their need they will read the description and finally will place an order.
  3. Delivery time, In that menu, select the number of days which you need to complete the order. At the start set the minimum delivery time to complete the order. It will help to get the order faster.
  4. Now you will see the various items which vary to vary for all services, Select those items that you will want to add to your package. When you hover over the items you will get the hint by Fiverr so don’t worry about anything.
  5. Revisions section, Here select the number of revisions that you want to give. It should be unlimited to attract most of the clients.
  6. Price menu, Select the price for your gig. It will be good if you keep your prices low for the same service which are available at higher prices.
Fiverr gig packages step


In some categories, you can select three packages for a gig. Select all three packages and utilize them as different packages with different details. It will help you to reach the client’s expectations and earn more.

Add Extra Services During Creating Gig On fiverr:

In that section, you will see many items like extra fast delivery and extra services, add extra gigs, these are all things you can check manually to understand. This section is made for fulfilling the client’s requirements because sometimes clients want delivery in a short time so you can do that and get benefits by charging more.

Extra fast delivery

Step Description and Faqs

  1. In the description, describe your service in detail in-depth like what are you offering about your experience, the uniqueness of services, workflow, and why buyers should hire you. The description should not be too long. Do you want to know how to write a perfect description?
Fiverr gig description step
  1. Faqs, In that section, add at least 3 questions with answers, that can those questions related to your services that users mostly ask. This section will be displayed below the description. Now save it and continue.
Question answer field of fiverr gig

Step: Requirements

  1. In that section, ask for all requirements which you need to to do start work.
  2. In the attached file section you can choose either free text, attached files, or multiple answers. If you select multiple answers, then the answers field will be displayed, so here you will give the option to buyers to choose different answers. You can allow more than one answer. After that save and click on continue.
requirements tab

Step: Gallery

  1. In the step gallery, you can upload 3 images related to your gig service. It can be your sample work etc. You can upload images in different formats. We recommend adding your own images because if Fiverr found them copyrighted images, They can block your account without notifying you.
  2. As a sample work, you can add a video. The best practice is to add a 75-second video. When you add a video to your gig. Fiverr first reviews it, then approves it. If they find that different and copyright-free
  3. You have the option to upload PDF, you can choose that option for multiple reasons. Just 2 PDFs you can upload. Save and next.
Image gallery

Step: Publish

It is the final step. After completing all previous steps very carefully click on publish. Here you will see an option to promote your gigs on multiple social media platforms. If you want to promote then click on the icon and fill out the details.

Last Words: How To Create A Gig On Fiverr

Before the creation of a gig, do proper research for the title, keywords, description, etc, Because editing the gig, again and again, is not recommended. It affects badly the ranking of your gig.

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