WhatsApp is Here With Another Exciting and Demanding Update

Whatsapp new update of adding email as a security layer

WhatsApp is on the verge of receiving significant updates that will enhance user security and introduce exciting new features. According to recent discoveries by the vigilant team at faqsfeed, the messaging app will soon allow users to add an extra layer of security to their accounts by linking an email address. This feature will act as a safeguard against unauthorized access, potential malware, and other security threats. Moreover, it will simplify the security code verification process, providing users with peace of mind about their account’s safety.

But that’s not all; WhatsApp is also jumping on the Metaverse bandwagon with a feature that will surely delight users. Animated Avatar Stickers will soon make an appearance, allowing users to create 3D animated stickers featuring their personalized avatars. Taking a cue from platforms like Snapchat, these animated avatars will offer a range of expressions, including love, greetings, happiness, waving hello, thumbs up, and more. These stickers are set to bring a new level of personalization and fun to conversations, making WhatsApp even more engaging and enjoyable.

The update is already available for beta versions of WhatsApp for Android, with version and above featuring the Animated Avatar Stickers. Users can now explore and use these stickers to add a unique touch to their messages.

Additionally, WhatsApp is undergoing a visual overhaul, taking inspiration from Google’s Material UI design found in Android 12 phones and newer versions. Among the visual updates, an enhanced call notification is also on the horizon, giving the app a more modern appearance. While this change is relatively minor compared to the other features, it is expected to be introduced to the public version of WhatsApp in the near future.

However, as with any updates still in the development phase, exact release dates remain uncertain. WhatsApp will likely roll out these features gradually to ensure a smooth user experience. Users can look forward to official announcements from WhatsApp regarding the updates and their availability.

In conclusion, WhatsApp users have exciting developments to look forward to in terms of security enhancements and engaging features. With the option to link an email address for added account security and the introduction of Animated Avatar Stickers, WhatsApp is continuously striving to provide its users with a more secure, personalized, and enjoyable messaging experience. Stay tuned for further updates from WhatsApp, as these new features are expected to arrive soon.

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