Which is the best time to upload youtube video in 2021

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Most YouTubers always want to know the best time to upload youtube video. Therefore, I am here to write a complete article on this topic. So let’s start.

Don’t overthink about the time best time to upload youtube video

After creating a professional youtube channel, comes a time to upload videos, and many people are confused about it. Some folk asks this question because they want to know the best time to upload a YouTube video to get maximum views in minimum time. Moreover, few YouTubers believe that if they upload the video at the best time. So might be this will increase the chances to viral of this video.

Is the best time really matters to post a YouTube video?

Actually, there is no special and best time to upload a video on YouTube. If there is the best time to upload to post videos on YouTube. Then why everyone is not becoming a successful YouTuber. Another case is if anyhow a special time is present and professional YouTubers know about it, thus at a time most of the YouTubers will post their videos on YouTube. So at this time, all professional and well-known YouTubers will post their videos on YouTube too. So how beginners can be a good choice for YouTube and youTube users to pick as compared to professional ones?

Yeah, I know many YouTubers always look for this question because this strategy worked before but now according to YouTube and according to the employees of YouTube. This method is no more supported. But instead of the best time, there are many other strong factors that help YouTube to promote and filter out the best videos. These factors are CTR, content, and watch time. Along with factors, there are also strategies that actually work and YouTubers can apply these to get maximum views on their videos which we will discuss respectively.

Now we know the time does not matter, but content does. So your first priority should be your content. On the basis of unique content, you will get more views or support from youtube. Except for content, CTR, and watch time of a particular video will define your video is gonna get more Views or fewer views.

What is CTR? CTR is directly related to clicks. Your video is shown to 200 people then its Total impressions will be 200 while 10 peoples click on it so the CTR of this video will be 5%. As higher the CTR of the video more the chances it to be a viral video.

Watch time is the time that viewers spent watching a video. If they watch the video for 20 seconds while the video length is 4 min so it will affect poorly on video’s ranking. Watch time of the video should be high and the bounce rate should be low.

To lower the bounce rate and improve the CTR, the best practice is to use the most accurate, relevant, and long-tail keywords in title, description, and tags. After use that your video will just show to those YouTube users who are were searching for it or watch related types of videos.

Strategy to follow to check what is the best time to upload youtube videos

To identify the what is the best time to upload youtube for your channel follow this strategy.

Each channel has owns the best time when there are %85 chance to rank a video on youtube. To know the best time for your channel take a deep or smart look at the analytics of your channel to understand which time you get more views and from which country. After identifying the best time, start to publish only this time and check it is working or not. It doesn’t matter if it is morning, evening, or night because you are creating content for your viewers. So also publish your video when your viewer has time and they really want to watch your video.

In case when you target a specific country so post the content according to their timezone. For easy, the process makes a schedule or a list of your content that will be published in the upcoming days. After creating a list. Select an appropriate time from your routine to create videos and schedule these to publish at the best time.

The second thing is you also have to notice that on which content and from which country you are getting more and more views. After gaining an idea from your analytics you can make more videos on those topics that are watched more. And published at that time when you get more views or according to country time from you get more views.

When to upload video if you are new youtuber

If your channel is really new and has zero analytics then publish videos on youtube in a manner or series for example if you upload a video at 8:00 am or next time you publish a video at 10:00 Pm it is not cool. Therefore follow a plan to publish videos on youtube. The benefits of uploading the video on a fixed time are that your viewer already knows the time you upload video and then you will get more views, more engagement, or more watch time. So in the end, youtube will recommend your video to others or add your video to the homepage of youtube.

In some cases, uploading time doesn’t matter but if your channel is a news channel so you must have to post very first. or if your channel is on product reviews so you have to upload a video first than your competitors.
Aspect these strategies you can do experiments by publishing the video at different times for the different time limits and find out what experiment works for you.

Do you know?

When do most senior YouTubers upload their videos? Most of the YouTubers upload their video according to their own schedule or plan as we discussed above. But here is also a standard time to upload a youtube video.
And according to some research, many YouTubers publish their content following this standard time.

Which is:

  • 3 pm to 5 pm Monday to Tuesday
  • 2 Pm to 4 pm Wednesday to Thursday
  • 12 pm to 4 pm Friday to Sunday

The reason for that is most people use youtube at this time. Therefore it is also the best time to upload a youtube video.

Some suggestions:

  • Do focus on your content as much as you can.
  • At the start of the channel at least publish 1 to 4 videos a week.
  • Never create the misleading content
  • Fix the time or a day and be consistent on that day or time but do a good analysis before selecting a time to publish the video.
  • If you have any questions which you want to ask then do comment in the comment section.

I hope you like to read them too.

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