Who is a voice over artist and How to become a voice over artist

Who is a voice-over artist and How to become a voice-over artist

Do you want to be a voice-over artist? But don’t know what to do? and Where to start? and How to know you are perfect to start your career as a voice-over artist or not? What is the difference between a voice-over actor or a voice dubbing artist?

So you are at the right spot and definitely, this article is going to be very helpful because our main purpose to write this article is to describe all the important aspects of a voice-over artist and their career.

Most people don’t know what is the difference between a voice-over artist and a voice dubbing artist and they consider both things as one field. But actually, it is not the same thing. These have different definitions along with different careers. So let’s clear the difference between both categories.

What is the difference between Voice over artist and voice dubbing artist

Who is voice over artist:

A voice-over actor actually uses and records his voice for different narrations by focusing and highlighting the informational facts that he actually wants to describe in a video. For instance: narration, commercials, documentaries, games, audio talk shows, animated short stories, and many other things.

Who is a voice dubbing artist:

A voice dubbing actor records his voice with the full of expressions and required tone according to the situation. For instance: dubbing movies, dubbing in animation movies, etc.

What do vocal artists do:

Vocal artists are actually hired to record different scripts, promos, commercials, etc with an effective tone.
Voice-over artists do not come on screen so conveying a message with proper narration is the main task for a voice-over actor. A voice-over actor should have to be a good narrator.

Whereas dubbing actors dubbed the scripts with all essential expressions and emotions. Whenever you think to be a voice dubbing artist you should know whether are you are able to do a voice-over with emotions or not, because without this thing you can not be get hired by any client or company. In short voice dubbing artists, should have acting in their voices.

How to become a voice-over artist:

To become a voice-over artist a good voice, proper pronunciation, and narration are required.
A good voice dubbing actor needs acting skills, good at language and pronunciation, voice modulation, and self-evaluation are required. All professional vocal artists setups a soundproof studio with good instruments to do practice and recording. That is all which is necessary for vocal artists to start their careers.

The career of voice artists:

Career for voice-over actors have a great scope but competition is also high. Vocal artists usually get hired by different companies/brands etc but online freelancing is a great option for voice-over artists to make extra money. And as compared to voice dubbing artists there is no lack of work for the Voice artist.

Voice dubbing artists rarely get online work. They must have to go to different companies for giving auditions to get work. But when they start to get work due to their exceptional talents so nobody can stop them from making thousands of dollars for a single project.
If vocal artists want to enjoy a successful career then they should not stop to do practice with a full expression like punctuation in a different pitch style because more practice means more efficiency which ultimately generates projects.

Pro and cons:

As with all other fields, vocal fields also have some pros and cons.

  • If you have a great voice then after doing some practice or taking coaching classes you can start your career as a vocal artist.
  • In this field lack of work is not and an online freelancing opportunity is also a golden thing that makes you, your own boss, do the recording whenever you want, and charge as per your experience or required time.

You guys can overcome these cons if you have a passion to become a voice artist.

  • Unsteady work: No doubt in this world there is no lack of talent and amazing skills. Especially those skills which can make you financially stronger and independent. Voice dubbing is also one of them, therefore, in this skill competition is very stronger. Due to of high competition vocal artists have to face unsteady work problem. But if go in a good way with your clients then, am pretty sure will not face this problem. Most clients prefer to come back to you. So believe in yourself and that’s all.
  • Studio setup problem: Whether you are doing recording for an online client or for a brand or for practice. A good studio setup is very necessary which can be costly for some beginners. But in the starting, By using some local instruments and mics, etc you guys can resolve this problem too. But with the time don’t forget to upgrade your equipments.
  • Health issue: If you are a vocal actor then you have to be more conscious about your vocal health. For some people, it is not a big problem but few peoples are not happy with this aspect.

Tips for voice over actors:

  • Practice: We all know that practice always improves our skills. In a voice-over career, practice is an important thing. For the vocal artist, the practice has some types, first is reading loudly different types of magazines, scripts, or articles, etc by focusing on the emotions. It will tell you when how to speak and in which tone.
    Recording: The second is recording. Select some lines which should express the different sentiments like excitement, freshness, smoothness, sadness, happiness or news, etc. During the recording keep the focus on the sentiments and accents. It will definitely help you to record voice over in different styles because all clients have different requirements.
  • Editing: If you are working as a freelancer or with some brands you should know how to use the instruments, and voice editing software. Voice editing helps you to perform well for different projects for different requirements. Therefore all professionals suggest to learn editing.
  • Audition : Audition of your voice-over skills can be taken if you get hired by some big companies, who always want voice-over artists in their offices. What will be if you get this chance but do not have the experience to give an audition? By doing the practice of audition you can get ready for this situation.
  • Create Portfolio: During the practice, if you record a masterpiece of your voice-over or best one project.We recommend adding it to your portfolio. If you have no portfolio then create one and also never forget to update your portfolio.

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