X (Formerly Twitter) Introduces Dedicated Tab for Paid Users to Showcase ?

X (Formerly Twitter) Introduces Dedicated Tab for Paid Users to Showcase

X, previously known as Twitter, has introduced an innovative feature catering to its paid users – the brand new ‘Highlights’ tab. This addition allows subscribers to showcase their finest posts, granting them a dedicated space on their profiles.

The platform’s Blue/X Premium support page has been updated to provide comprehensive information about the newly launched highlights feature. According to the description, users can now “Feature your best posts by Highlighting those posts and they’ll appear on your profile in a dedicated tab.”

In recent days, X has been gradually rolling out the ‘Highlights’ tab to select subscribers. However, the latest update on the support page reveals that the company is extending access to this feature to all its paid users.

Although the platform already allows users to pin a single tweet to their profiles for heightened visibility, the introduction of the ‘Highlights’ tab enables the aggregation of multiple impactful posts. This presents a valuable opportunity for various individuals, such as artists seeking to showcase their creations or authors looking to spotlight their most popular articles.

Subscribers can conveniently add any of their posts to the Highlights tab by accessing the three-dot menu on the respective post and selecting the “Add/remove from Highlights” option.

In conjunction with the launch of the Highlights tab, the company has made TweetDeck an exclusive offering for subscribers. This strategic move aims to incentivize more users to opt for its premium service.

X has been actively experimenting with various growth strategies, ranging from revenue-sharing with subscribers to featuring community posts on the algorithm-driven “For You” timeline. In a recent, slightly contentious move, X briefly introduced a delay in opening links to prominent platforms like The New York Times, Threads, and Bluesky. The exact nature of this change, whether intentional or a technical glitch, remained unclear at the time.

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