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Do you want to know? How to choose a YouTube channel name to grow fast on YouTube?If you want, So you are on the right spot. In this article, we will discuss the all-important topics which are linked to the YouTube channel name. But before diving into the main topic, I want to tell you how much youTube is an amazing platform and can be a life-turning medium if you use it properly to make money.

Did you know? YouTube is the easiest way at the present time to grow the fastest or make the money. Being a YouTube star was very easy in the last six months as compared to the last three years and it happened only due to the short beta feature of YouTube. Reported recently 41 million YouTube channels are present on YouTube and 45% of channels are running very amazingly.

YouTube pays billions of dollars to all YouTubers annually. While the monthly average earnings of YouTubers are between 800$ to 2000$. It is very easy to make money on YouTube but the only thing is, you have to be consistent. I am discussing all these things to give you a positive boost. especially, in case you are a person, who is just about to start a new YouTube channel.

What is the YouTube channel name?

YouTube channel name is the name that will be displayed on your YouTube channel. It will be a medium to reach you or identify your channel among all other YouTube channels. It is a very important thing, so, we need to be choosy and have to consider some points during selecting the name for the YouTube channel.

Why a good YouTube channel name is necessary?

Good, short, and sticky YouTube channel name is very essential. Super selective channel name helps to develop the credibility and unique identity of the YouTube channel for the users and for YouTube. It will also aid your fans to reach you instantly.

How many types of channel names can be?

The types of channel names fall into four categories.

  1. Your own name
  2. Your brand name
  3. Your content as a name
  4. A combo of your name and content

Before setting the channel name, you must have to select the category for the YouTube channel according to the different aspects.

How to select the category for the name of the YouTube channel?

The first category is applicable in the cases if you are already a well-known person such as celebrities or if you will the main content of the channel.

For instance, the name category is Cristiano and Leo Messi channels name.
An example of the second case is Sana Tariq Khan. She has selected the YouTube channel name on her name and built her identity on youtube with her name.

The second category: If you are running a business and already have a brand and now want to make a YouTube channel. So you just have to go with your brand name instead of a new one. If you are new and want to build a brand, it will be a good category for you.

An example is Neil Patel. Neil Patel is an SEO expert. He is the owner of an SEO tool and he owns a YouTube channel with the same name because it is his brand name.

Another example for the business category is Google. Google is also a brand and has a YouTube channel name with the name of Google. For taking the brand name as a YouTube name reasons are different like they want to keep up with the branding and the second thing is, if people want to search for the channel of Google, they search with the keyword of “Google channel”.

The third category is your content overview as your YouTube channel name. This is very popular. This type is very good for all the learning, educational, technical, beauty, health, cooking, food, and travel niches channels. In case, you choose your category as your YouTube channel name. It will help you to rank and to get a chance to come in the recommended videos for the same category.

An example is the channel. After reading this channel name, which thought comes to your mind? probably it is related to coding? Yes, this is all about coding languages.
Actually, the marketing and creativity in this channel name are at peak, have you got it? If not, let me tell you, first is they are conveying the correct message for the content of the channel in their YouTube channel name. Second is, they are using the complete website name as the channel name on YouTube. The third is, they are using their branding name.
By choosing this name they are promoting their website, growing their brand name, and describing the content of the channel. If you want you can be creative like this too.

In the fourth and last category folk uses the combination of content and their name for the channel. This name type is widely used by YouTubers and also good by the aspect of YouTube SEO. This kind of channel name consists of up to three words. The YouTubers who want to utilize their name and overview of the content in the channel name. Then this category is perfect for them.

Example sham Idrees vlog. In this example, the YouTuber used his name and then gave an idea for the content which is a vlog. this channel name consists of three words.

The second template is Traveling with Kristin. This YouTube channel name is reflecting about the content creator and content. The benefit of this kind of name is, users will not have to see your videos to understand the content of your channel. because they can get an idea about it by reading the channel name. It is very similar to category 2 and all the niches which are included in category 2 are also Fall In this category.

After knowing all types of channel names you are now able to choose the type of channel for your YouTube channel.

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What to include in the name of the YouTube channel?

  1. The Channel name should contain 1 to 3 words. If it is shorter it is good.
  2. YouTube channel names should be sticky and memorable.
  3. It should be unique. If you have selected a name you must search for this name on social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Make sure there is no channel available with the same name. If you are willing to make a website in the future you must check for the domain name too.
  4. The name should come off the four categories. If you are willing to use a weird name as a YouTube channel name. It can create trouble while gaining ranking.
  5. Try to do Marketing with your channel name as the channel does for their website.

What not to include in the name?

  1. Don’t use fancy fonts, special letters symbols, and numbers in channel names.
  2. Never use a long name.
  3. Never copy a name from another YouTube by thinking that you will also start to gain the same level of popularity and subscribers by creating confusion. Can a copy be more attractive than the original one?

Some youTube channel name ideas for different categories

  1. Cooking with Leo
  2. Experiments with Jack
  3. Scientific experiments
  4. Prankster
  5. Public reviews
  6. Top Trending
  7. interviewer
  8. Kwik crafts
  9. Spicy vlogs
  10. Taste street food

Tool to generate YouTube channel name

Some people are so confused about choosing the channel name and sometimes not everyone can be creative. While choosing the name. It is not bad to ask for samples and suggestions for the channel from your friends, family, siblings, and teachers. If you have selected one, then amazing, if not. Then, let me share about a beneficial YouTube channel name generator that can help you to get ideas and samples for the different keywords for free along with the availability feature of names, not just on YouTube but also for the domain name and on all necessary social media platforms. This tool will not just help you to get the ideas but will also save your time by showing the availability of names. This tool name is

How to rank channel names in the top position of searches.

Many people have to face that problem, their channel name does not come on the searches when they and subscribers search for their YouTube channel with the channel name. The reason for this problem is that they do not use their channel name on the mandatory positions. If you want to save yourself from this problem or want the solution for this problem. Then you have to use your name in the keywords, search tag, in description with the hashtag. In case Your YouTube video title is short then you can use your name hereafter separating the title with vertical pipe(|).

When to rename the name of the YouTube channel?

Causes for Renaming the name of a YouTube channel can be many. But check out some important reasons with me, when you can rename your YouTube channel name.

The most popular and common reason is many people don’t do the research for their name and they use a random name or their favorite name. But when they recognize that they are using the wrong name according to the channel name requirements. Then They rename the YouTube channel name.

In the second case, when a YouTuber starts their channel with the correct name but later on does not get popularity. but when they start to create different content on the same channel and start to get new subscribers and views. They feel that now they have to change the name.

Can I change the YouTube channel name while monetization is on?

Many people get confused and ask, is it okay if they rename their channel when monetization is on? Yes, why not. You can easily rename your channel name just if it is necessary. It will not be an issue. But Don’t change your name again and again because it is not good. If you do it you can’t get new subscribers and views and rank on the particular queries. Ultimately you will have to say goodbye to this channel.

When some Youtuber change their channel name they face the issue of decrement in views of videos. Therefore, the great thing is, if you are willing to change your channel name you have to share it with your viewers before changing your name. This single and simple step can prevent you from losing your loyal viewers. Actually, this strategy is a part of marketing.

If you want an example of that, you can take it from Facebook. When the Facebook company was want to change its company name, the Facebook company talked about it on the media before doing the change. This announcement was only not helped Facebook to maintain its uses but also helped Facebook to come on Trend and spread the news of changes.

How to change the YouTube channel name

It was difficult to change the YouTube channel name but now it is easy to change it. Open YouTube, click on the profile icon and go to the section of your channel, click on it, now go to the customize channel tab, click on it and now go to the basic info tab, here is the option to edit the name. This setting process is the same for desktop and mobile. YouTube allows the three times to change channels names in 90 days.

Approximately, I covered the all-important questions and points about how to choose the name for the YouTube channel. If you found something is missing and wrong so tell me in the comments section. One more thing is, I did very hard work for writing this Masterpiece of information. so if you share it or comment on it will be a great gesture for me, from your side. It will also courage me to write more value-giving content for my visitors.

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